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(16-Nov-2020) Overweight children are at risk for serious health problems like Type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure and high cholesterol ‐ all once considered exclusively adult diseases. Risk factors present in childhood can lead to serious adult medical conditions like heart disease, heart failure and stroke. Lifestyle interventions address the underlying causes of chronic disease, which help to avoid costly medical interventions. This comprehensive children’s health campaign considers the primary risks of childhood overweight and obesity and introduces a  behavioral change program, which culminates with a junior chef cooking school. The program intervention incorporates a hands-on curriculum designed for elementary aged children. This collaborative intervention engages churches, community-based organizations and community stakeholders to promote children’s health and well-being. The Eat MORE RAINBOWS Junior Chef  behavioral change program highlighting our signature health-based curriculum, which includes  a junior chef cooking school with each session. Young minds are directed to understand the value of health promoting behaviors through the fun and engaging learning experience. The program lessons are built upon eight simple health habits and colorful plant-based nutrition. The class provides a sensory experience through touch, taste, smell, and eyes. Researchers find that learning through doing such as in hands on cooking instruction helps develop skills and promotes healthy habits.