Master Haulers (previously AAA Movers & Delivery)
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101 N University, Spokane Valley, Washington State 99206
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(27-Apr-2017) We own 2 businesses, Home decor store and a hauling business. Jerry now owns “Home Decor Store”  and if offering Home decor items on ITEX  please check with Jerry what he is offering on ITEX when you visit his store.  Home Decor Store,   101 N. University Rd. Spokane Valley, Wa.  99206  phone #  509.474.0224 We Haul and move just about anything like ….hot tubs, tractors, bobcats, anything that fits on a flat bed trailer. First 4 hours on ITEX – call Jerry at 294-1603

(02-Jan-2018) Jerry offers snow plowing for small and large areas. call Jerry for more info. 509.714.8438

(26-Aug-2018) Jerry offers debris removal, dirt work, he has a bobcat. give Jerry a call